Fitted Digital Sensor Sleeves

Our Fitted Digital Sensor Sheaths are designed to fit tightly with various sensors. Unique one-step tear removal application. Truly these sheaths are the best FITT for your sensors.

Fex bite Tabs


The Flex-Bite Tabs are specifically made with patient comfort in mind. Suitable for Conventional, Digital or Phosphor plate x-rays.

TIPP IMMAGING, provides quality products to dental professionals while offering the best in dental imaging accessories. From a wide variety of X-ray film mounts, Phosphor Plate Protector & secure tabs to our new Fitted Digital Sensor sheaths & Flex-Bite Tab, our products ensure convenience and comfort. Our products are designed to accommodate all popular sizes, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

NEW: Now introducing our new line of innovation dental products.
TIPP offers exactly what you’re looking for! With a full wrap-around adhesive surface, these tabs are a perfect way to secure radiographic digital sensors in multiple positions! For more information, visit our Secure Tabs section.

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